New obligations for certifiers – fire safety when development affects an existing building

Amendments to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 came into force on 18 July 2014 and affect class 1b-9 buildings (not class 1a or 10 buildings).

The amendments include obligations for certifiers in relation to:

  • inspecting egress routes before issuing a construction certificate or complying development certificate (refer to clauses 129B(1A) and 143B(2))
  • notifying council of a ‘significant fire safety issue’ within two days of becoming aware of the issue (refer to clauses 129D and 162D)
  • development standards for CDCs for change of use or internal reconfiguration (refer to clauses 132(2)(a1) 132(2)(a) and 132(2)(b)).

Clauses 130(4)(e), 132A and 154D are repealed.

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