Essential Safety Measures  Update for South Australia

South Australia. Ministers Specification SA76 –  Essential Safety Provisions 2015 amendments

South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has released an updated Ministers Specification that enables new buildings to adopt and existing buildings over 500m2 a process to adopt the latest versions of AS1851.

The South Australian Government has released a revised Ministers Specification ,SA76 – 2015, that requires new buildings (of classification 2 to 9) to adopt and the option for existing buildings over 500m2 a process to adopt, the latest versions of AS1851.

The new Ministers specification has a mandated adoption date of 1st May, 2015.

With existing buildings, with no alterations and or change of classification, there is a provision to retain existing processes for proving the adequate maintenances of building (part 59 log book being the most common) but; there is now an option and a defined process to adopt the new Schedule.

The released Essential Safety Provisions Schedule is great step forward for South Australian building owners and managers with increased occupant safety, accountability from contractors, maintenance cost savings and system reliability being the expected outcomes.

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For a copy of the Minister’s Specification SA 76 2015 edition: