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The Victorian Building Regulations have been amended.

The Victorian Building Regulations have been amended.

S.R. No.33/2016 dated 26/4/2016

  A new Building Regulation 1205A has been inserted.

“Compliance with As1851-2012 taken to be compliance with earlier standards”

Finally in Victoria, we have a single maintenance standard that can be applied against all buildings regardless of age and references in previously issued occupancy permits or determinations.

The method of adoption has yet to be clarified by the Victorian Building authority, but watch this space for further developments!

Victoria Building Authority Practice Note 2016-23 Update

Victoria Building Authority Practice Note 2016-23 Update

Victoria Building Authority Practice Note 2016-23 was released in February 2016.   This key guidance note on the maintenance of Essential Safety Measures has been updated to introduce AS 1851-2012 – Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment, and advises on its adoption in the State of Victoria.   Readers should take caution in automatically adopting the Standard as Victorian Building Regulations require owners to utilise maintenance Standards as specified in the building Occupancy Permit or Maintenance Schedule/Determination.   Further information including Practice Note 2016-23 can be obtained from VBA website  http://www.vba.vic.gov.au/

Building Regulations – Update

Building owners, practitioners and managers eagerly awaiting the Building Regulations 2006 ‘’sunsetting’’ completion are to continue waiting.   Due to system reforms and ongoing amendments to strengthen the regulatory framework in the State of Victoria, the Building Regulations have been extended to 5 June 2017.   Further information including the Extension Regulations issued, can be obtained from VBA website  http://www.vba.vic.gov.au/

Essential Safety Measures Update for South Australia

Essential Safety Measures  Update for South Australia

South Australia. Ministers Specification SA76 –  Essential Safety Provisions 2015 amendments

South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has released an updated Ministers Specification that enables new buildings to adopt and existing buildings over 500m2 a process to adopt the latest versions of AS1851.

The South Australian Government has released a revised Ministers Specification ,SA76 – 2015, that requires new buildings (of classification 2 to 9) to adopt and the option for existing buildings over 500m2 a process to adopt, the latest versions of AS1851.

The new Ministers specification has a mandated adoption date of 1st May, 2015.

With existing buildings, with no alterations and or change of classification, there is a provision to retain existing processes for proving the adequate maintenances of building (part 59 log book being the most common) but; there is now an option and a defined process to adopt the new Schedule.

The released Essential Safety Provisions Schedule is great step forward for South Australian building owners and managers with increased occupant safety, accountability from contractors, maintenance cost savings and system reliability being the expected outcomes.

For further information please contact AESC

For a copy of the Minister’s Specification SA 76 2015 edition: www.sa.gov.au

New obligations for certifiers

New obligations for certifiers – fire safety when development affects an existing building

Amendments to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 came into force on 18 July 2014 and affect class 1b-9 buildings (not class 1a or 10 buildings).

The amendments include obligations for certifiers in relation to:

  • inspecting egress routes before issuing a construction certificate or complying development certificate (refer to clauses 129B(1A) and 143B(2))
  • notifying council of a ‘significant fire safety issue’ within two days of becoming aware of the issue (refer to clauses 129D and 162D)
  • development standards for CDCs for change of use or internal reconfiguration (refer to clauses 132(2)(a1) 132(2)(a) and 132(2)(b)).

Clauses 130(4)(e), 132A and 154D are repealed.

More information

Follow the link to find out more http://bpb.nsw.gov.au/news/epa-reg-new-fire-safety-requirements

Announcement Jan 2014

AESC is excited to announce the release of our on-line contractor certification sign off – this allows the contractors to complete their certification directly into BOSS.

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