Review of the roof access and safety systems at a site. This includes assessment for compliance and risk associated with existing roof maintenance safety equipment. This will primarily encompass the external areas (roof lines) from the ground up access.

  • Technical assessment of complex access systems (façade access / rope access systems). We conduct a technical assessment of the installed works and highlight defective items, gaps in system coverage and poor workmanship.
  • Assessment of documentation. This relates to handover documentation supplied by the installer, builder or project management team.
  • Included are items such as access permit (roof access permits), review and assessment of any other site safety procedures or policies.


  • Site assessment and design of access and safety systems. This can include plans, equipment and instructions to contractors.
  • Site briefings to management teams and contractors for more complex works and final inspections.


  • Drafting of procedure documents to guide contractors, this includes design brief advice to allow site maintenance managers to follow basic design rules to get works done.
  • Where no height safety information exists, we can develop site specific procedures and reverse engineer plans from equipment user instructions.


Inspection and testing services to meet Australian Standard and manufacturer-specified requirements.

  • Periodic / scheduled inspections and testing of fall protection and rope access systems. These are normally conducted annually (this may vary dependant on client, state and site conditions).
  • Recurring services ensure systems stay in a certified state for use.
  • Works include assessment / testing and reporting on the individual assets.
  • Reports include site plans with asset references and hazard identification.
  • Aligned reports to ensure compliance with Australian Standards, manufacturer specifications (Acts Regulations and Codes).


The guidance we provide to our clients ensures they meet their compliance requirements.

  • Assessment of procedural type items. These are reviews of how the client is managing their works, sites (standard operating procedures).
  • Assisting to maintain annual compliance requirements, we track, set schedules and report online through the BOSS online system.


Our project team provide a buffer between the client and installation company.

  • This includes the design phase but can be designed by others.
  • We assist with the technical side of the works only. This would include assessment of tenders with the client to ensure all areas are covered/requirements met.
  • Costing assessments to ensure pricing is correct.
  • Commencement briefs for the works. This includes periodic site visits on larger projects and a close-out assessment. Close-out would include assessment of hand-over documentation.
  • No financial management component or sole management on selection of contractors. Supporting the client as a trusted advisor.