AESC have developed a unique Planned Maintenance Tracking platform which allows our clients access to all site maintenance plans and service documentation. This service provides the client with a calendar forecast report showing proposed maintenance dates and dates when the maintenances were completed with supporting documentation. Entries are created for each maintenance, allowing separate notes, codes and costs to be applied to a recurring maintenance task. All hosted and accessible online.

Maintenance Grid and Tracking Application:

  • Setup of maintenance grid for tracking and management
  • Ongoing grid management and support per building / per year
  • Provide web portal for contractors to upload service sheets
  • Automated follow-up system to pursue documentation

Maintenance Grid Administration and associated WEB system features:

  • Log and track all contracts through a central database
  • Issue periodical work orders to contractors
  • Automated follow-up if works not completed
  • Contractor maintenance documentation control
  • Maintenance service sheets stored electronically and copies available online
  • The maintenance frequencies scheduled showing pending and completed dates
  • 24/7 live reporting

Users have access to planned maintenance system for all properties. This offers an illustrative, grid based summary of the planned maintenance tasks. This system will log and track any ESM maintenance task based on your contractual agreements. BOSS issues periodical work orders to all contractors that also allow for the contractor to upload service documents on completion.