As a property owner or manager, you are legally bound to provide both a safe working environment and hazard-free premises for all stakeholders.

  • Risk management & risk mitigation
  • OHS Audits and OHS Management Systems
  • Building Inspections for due diligence activities

The obligations of a property owner or manager include:

  • Identification and elimination or at least, reduction of all identified risks
  • Development and implementation of a proactive approach to health & safety
  • Ongoing exchange of information with your building occupants regarding health, safety and risk reduction
  • Ensuring your work-place is equally represented on all health & safety matters

AESC property risk assessments cover:

  • Asbestos control and management systems
  • Cooling tower systems registered and managed
  • Systems are in place for contractor management (including site induction and access)
  • Dangerous goods & hazardous substances storage and handling are adequately managed
  • Your building does not discriminate against the mobility impaired
  • General property and workplace hazard systems are implemented
  • Land contamination, where applicable is at an acceptable level
  • Adequate Legionella risk management in place
  • All noise hazards have been addressed
  • Identification and management of ozone depleting substances have been considered
  • Plant and equipment management systems are in place, effective, and being followed
  • Storm-water and waste-water management systems have been implemented
  • Requirement for working at heights have appropriate risk management measures in place