Our Contractor Management Safety and Induction platform provides enhanced contractor site safety and management tools. The platform provides a transparent view of your inducted and validated contractors and their site attendance history including dates and times . Contractors are required to upload mandatory company level documents and then add / invite their employee’s to complete an induction which can be company or property specific. The employee will carry out a general induction with questions asked at the end of the induction. This is commonly a series of slides concluding with 8 questions which must all be answered correctly to pass.

Once approved, personnel are provided with a link to the AESC site safety App and user access portal. Throughout this process the system will time & date stamp each step and action taken by the contractor and employee, all of which the client has access to.

Once the employee has completed the online induction and downloaded the AESC App they have access to sign in to their assigned properties. The App is only activated when the user signs in and will only show the active properties within their geographical location which is set at 500 meters.

After selecting their nominated property the App will provide site specific access notes to which the contractor must agree to before proceeding. Notes can be controlled by the site Facilities Manager. This also acts as reminder to the contractor that permits may be required for specific works and can also alerting users if there are hazards on site on site.

From here the contractor enters their excepted time on site then clicks start. This action is then transmitted via SMS or email to the nominated FM alerting them that a contractor is on site. This can also be used as a tool for the contractor to report any other defects or open issues when they complete their works.

Key features:

  • Smartphone App based platform
  • Contractor registration, insurances, licences
  • Provides inductions for both general company and property specific
  • Provides for electronic upload of SWMS and JSA’s
  • Online geolocation site sign in and sign out.
  • Immediate Defect reporting through App