Incorporated in 1998, AESC is a national provider of independent risk and compliance management services with a portfolio of over 400 customers, comprising over 13,000 properties across all States and Territories.

Our founding Directors, along with a dedicated senior management team oversee the company’s day to day business activities, direction and ongoing customer relationships.

Exceptional business growth and increasing customer demand required diversification and expansion to offer a range of property compliance and risk management solutions. AESC is highly customer focused and develops successful relationships based on trust. We endeavour to deliver consistent reliability in the management of risk and compliance. Our aim is to provide exceptional systems and communications that deliver superior results and peace of mind to customers.


Reliability – AESC continually delivers consistent reliability in the management of risk, compliance and maintenance for its clients. AESC has built a high level of trust with many of its clients and through this they have developed a bond through reliance during our long-term business relationships.

System Innovation and Continuous Improvement – Our purpose built, on-line maintenance, risk and compliance management system has been developed from a cooperative effort, combining our experience and client needs to provide a user friendly, quality system.

Geographic Reach – Due to our extensive customer base and number of directly employed technical risk and compliance auditors, AESC deliver in house services to all metropolitan and key regional/sub regional areas across Australia.

Trusted Industry Experts – Our team of specialists are relied upon to provide advice and guidance to tenants, owners, managers and governing bodies across a broad range or risk and compliance matters. Our team engage with industry bodies such as Fire Protection Association Australia, Property Council of Australia, National Fire Industry Association and Facilities Managers Association to provide the latest industry changes and updates.


As a leading Risk Management Consultant in Australia, our customer base is diverse and comprises a significant number of Australia’s largest and leading privately held and publicly listed companies. Our customers enjoy a relationship built on respect, common sense and demonstrated results. Our experience and expertise enables us to deliver value results to all customers from project commencement through ongoing compliance management.